1928 ~ 1962


Many people have helped me to one degree or another in building this website.  Some by sending me pictures or anecdotal copy, newspaper clippings, etc. about the ship or my father, some by giving me information regarding the Rangitiki's movements, others by allowing me to link to their websites or to quote from other sources, and still others, in addition to my wife Kim, and my children Roger and Imogen, by their unending support and encouragement.

To each of these good people I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks, and to acknowledge hereunder their
many contributions to this venture.  Last names have been arranged alphabetically.

Without their help this site could not have happened.

Name Country of Residence Association with 'Tiki or Mick Overall Years of Association
Stuart Andrews England Passenger 1958
John Baine New Zealand New Zealand Shipping Co., Wellington 1954 - 1971
Glenn Baker Australia Son of Radio Operator, Robert Baker* *Early-Fifties
Joe Barnett England Steward 1947 ~ 1949
Carole Baumann Switzerland Business Development, Baur au Lac, Switzerland  
J. T. Beardow Ontario, Canada Family of Catering Staff (Grandfather - Head Baker*) *1929 - 1950
Trevor Bell England The Rangitane Story  
George Brigenshaw New Zealand Chief Steward 1958 -1962
Len Chapman Australia Third Engineer Mid -Fifties
Robert Collins New Zealand Friend of Overall Family - my pal  
Alan Craig Argentina Family of Passenger 1946
Stan Dingwall Ontario, Canada First Class Waiter (Winger) 1957 - 1961
Les Docking England RMS Ruahine ??
John Edwards England Son of Meat Chef, Thomas A. Edwards* *1920's - 1940's
Michael Fitzgerald Australia Storeman 1950's - 1960's
Anthony Fry Jersey, C.I. Assistant Cook 1962
Bill Goyne England Second Electrician 1950's - 1960's
Andrea Gridley England Family of Catering Staff (Father - Butcher*) *1950's - 1960's
Dr. John C. Happs Australia Passenger RMS Ruahine (last NZSCo Voyage) 1968
Ken Hedges England Quartermaster 1956 - 1959
Robin Hedges England Passenger RMS Rangitata (Final Voyage) 1962
Marit Holmlund-Sund Finland editor, Maritime News  
David Howse England Grandson of Captain Holland* *1948 - 1949
Ray Jones Wales Quartermaster RMS Ruahine 1967 - 1968
Ken Katsina England Friend of the Rangitiki  
Ken Larsen England Writer 1949 - 1950
Bardy McCambridge New Zealand Friend of Rangitiki crew members  
Penny McCambridge New Zealand Friend of Rangitiki crew members  
Billy McGee England Former Merchant Seaman. Advocate for MN recognition  
Dorothy McGough New Zealand Passenger 1948
Elsie Mills New Zealand Friend of Mick Overall; widow of crew member Jim Mills 1938 - 1968
Bill Nadin England Engineer RMS Rangitata 1959 - 1960
Brian Probetts England Assistant Steward 1962
Alan Purdy New Zealand Friend of Overall Family - my pal  
Donald B. Ritchie Scotland 4th Radio Officer 1959 - 1960
Jeffrey Shaw Australia Friend of NZSCo.  
Paul Saxton Australia Friend of the Rangitiki  
'Buster' Shimmen Wales Purser 1961 - 1962
1962Geoff Steel New Zealand Friend of the Rangitiki  
Albert Sutton New Zealand Able Seaman 1952 - 1953
Tony Taylor New Zealand Deck Boy RMS Ruahine 1966
Ray Thompset Texas, USA Catering 1954, 1959
Chris Tryer Australia Friend of the Rangitiki  
Dave Webber New Zealand Ships' Printer ~ "Inky" 1950's - 1960's
Sister Anna Withers England Ship's Nurse 1950's
Patti Stevely England Daughter of RMS Rangitiki engineering staff 1936 - 1937

...and many more still to be posted