1928 ~ 1962


Some of the people who sailed on the Rangitiki over the years
We've already met Stan Dingwall and a few of his pals on another page.  Below we'll find another photograph of Stan and a Baker from the ship's penultimate voyage, plus some others whose names have appeared elsewhere in these pages, and one or two not mentioned other than here.


Two stewardesses,  Jean and Jackie
(Courtesy of Ken Hedges)

"The lady on the right, Jackie, is in fact Mrs. Jacques who is, I should think, the Chief Stewardess mentioned in the picture (of the Line Crossing ceremony) on the Ruahine.
"She was such a nice person, very friendly.  Her cabin window looked out on to the quarter deck where the gangway was, and she used to keep us supplied with tea and the occasional beer when on gangway watch." 

Will Clode ~ Head Baker
(Courtesy of J.T. Bardow)

We met William Clode earlier on the Mick Overall pages
in a newspaper clipping from the early fifties. 

This shot, from about the same time just prior to his
retirement, shows Will in typical pose, a man clearly
in charge of his domain.


      Stan and the Baker ~ 1961
               (Courtesy Stan Dingwall)

"Jock" the baker is on the left, Stan on the right

"In those days the Merchant Navy was dominated by Englishmen, so most Scotsmen were universally known as "Jock".




Ken Hedges at the wheel ~ 1956...
(Courtesy of Ken Hedges)

"The young chap at the wheel is in fact myself at the grand old age of 24!

"My watch mate and I took a photo of each other at the wheel but never thought to remove his jacket out of view.  The large box to my right is an old fire detection unit, as is the smaller one to my left and a multi telephone unit next to that.

"Regarding the uniform, it was customary for quartermasters on passenger ships to wear them.  It varied from company to company ~ some were much stricter than others, and some just required a seaman-;ike appearance.  But the cap was mandatory.  As OMs our duties would take us around the passenger accommodation, and in port we were on on the gangway so we were the face of the ship so to speak."


...and again taking a break

wearing the jersey with the famous crossed flags of the New Zealand Shipping Co. and the Federal Steamship Navigation Co. which Ken still has among his treasured mementoes.


Deck Crew '52/'53

(Courtesy Albert Sutton)

Albert Sutton from New Zealand sailed as an Able Seaman for two trips on the Rangitiki during 1952 - 1953.  He sent me these photographs of some of the 'Deckies' from that time. Perhaps someone with a long memory can help fill in some of the missing names.

John McLeod (left) and Albert Sutton

"Lampie" (Lamp-Trimmer/Storeman) and "Deckman"

Some of the Deck Crew
Caracas Bay, Curacao, DWI

Back Row (l - r):  "Jock Ogg", Peter Biddlecombe, ??

Front Row (l -r):  ??, ? McCabe, Terry McNamara, Ron Imeson, ??, Stan Jarman


"Suji-Muji-ing" ~ Homeward-bound clean-up 1953

After derricks and king-posts.
The Seaman astride the derrick is "Dolly Gray"

Just a moment before, Bosun Ron Smith passed by about his duties

(Courtesy Ken Hedges)

The Bosun's mate and an AB stowing ropes/wires after
leaving Wellington for home on a wet blustery day

Third and Fourth Officers?
(Courtesy Ken Hedges)

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