1928 ~ 1962
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The links below will guide the reader to some recommended favourite websites, where those interested in the British Merchant Navy service in general, the New Zealand Shipping Co. in particular, and, of course, the three famous and much-loved 'Rangi-Boats', RMS RANGITIKI, RMS RANGITATA, and RMS RANGITANE will find much resource information.      http://www.nzsc.co.uk/index.html

New Zealand Shipping Company A superb site created by David Ransom - "Raising Money For Cancer Research"
Lyttelton Heritage For a first class pictorial tour of the port and city of Lyttelton, a port visited many times by the Rangitiki, this website takes you on a historical ride from 1750 to the present.
Merchant Navy

A wonderful resource for old shipmates to locate each other, and a place to view some of the ships they sailed in

All At Sea    

Another fantastic website for Merchant Seamen to locate old pals and spin yarns of their lives at sea in the Golden Years.  Very well worth a visit for anyone with MN associations.

Ships Nostalgia A most comprehensive site comprising forums about ships and those associated with them, and with an amazing gallery of ships past and present.  This is another "must visit" website for those having any connection with the sea.  The name says it all.
History of New Zealand Shipping

A brief chronology of the 'Shipping Company' and a splendid forum for friends of the company

Merchant Navy Association

"From ship to shore, from past to present"

British Merchant Navy at War 1939 ~ 1945

An excellent source of information regarding the Merchant Navy, the ships and the enemy it faced, and the major role it played in the survival of Great Britain during the Second World War.  NOTE: This site has unfortunately been lost to the internet but, I believe, will be re-constructed in the future.  Keep watching.

Empress of Asia

A first class site dedicated to the research and history of CPRRMS Empress of Asia outlining her colourful career up to its tragic demise in WWII.  Well worth visiting.

RMS Caronia II

Another fantastic website dedicated to a lovely ship from the golden age of British shipping.  Very much well worth a visit.

SS City of Cairo Another great website giving the story of a merchantman lost in WW2, with a moving tribute to the webmaster's father who twice suffered having his ship sunk from under his feet.
NZSCo Deck & Engineer Officer Training

The manual from 1962 (long download) discovered when doing a Google search on 'Rangitiki' and 'Sulzer Engines'.  I later just missed an original copy for sale on eBay.  Dang!!

The Rangitane Story

The story of the sinking of RMS Rangitane by the German raider Orion during the early years of the Second World War

Sulzer Engines

This link will direct you to the home page of Wartsila NSD Finland.  We used to link to Issue No.1 - 1999 of Maritime News, Wartsila's house magazine; unfortunately it is no longer available on-line. However, a copy is available by clicking on the Sulzer link found within the body of the text on our History page.  For access to later editions of Marine News, please click on "Sulzer Engines" on this page, click on "Ship Power", find the link to "Maritime News Magazine", click on "Latest Issue" and then on "Previous Issues".

Ships of the Orient on Postcards

A superb site containing images of myriad ships that sailed to the far Pacific.  Includes an amazing page devoted to RMS Rangitiki

Hotel Baur au Lac

Although not related to the New Zealand Shipping Co., or to the Merchant Navy, this fine Swiss hotel played an important role in the life of Mick Overall

The National Archive formerly
Public Record Office

This link will take to to the PRO Index of Leaflets.  Scrolling down to 'M' will bring to to a list of useful pages on tracing Merchant Seamen and the ships in which they sailed

National Maritime Museum

The National Maritime Museum' Collections & Research feature should provide a great place to conduct one's efforts in seeking information on a seafaring ancestor.  It is also a prime site for learning of Britain's maritime past, and links directly to the Royal Observatory

Maritime History Archive

A great resource for students of Atlantic maritime history.  The research staff here are friendly and efficient.  The Archive holds many photograph collections and other documentary records pertaining to the life of Atlantic mariners

New Zealand Maritime Museum

Opened to the public in August 1993 and proclaimed as a "new generation" museum with no precedent in New Zealand, the New Zealand National Maritime Museum is truly a very different kind of cultural institution and tourist attraction

Peter & Rita Forbes' Engine & Preservation Information Pages

Follow the links from this page through "Marine" and "Doxford" for information on the Doxford engines (or many other combinations for information on other old engines).  A great resource.

Doxford Engine Friends Association

Another superb resource for the student of Doxford Engines and the history of William Doxford and Sons (Engineers) Ltd.

Ships of Long Ago

One man's journey back to the wartime years and his service with the Merchant Navy during that grim time at sea.  

Hello from JamboJersey

This is a personal and somewhat different website created by Mr. Anthony Fry who sailed on the Rangitiki's last voyage.  Scroll to the bottom of his home page to find other pages on Pitcairn Island, and other subjects.

Pitcairn Islands Study Center

A wonderful resource of the Pacific Union College, offering a history of Pitcairn, the relationship with Fletcher Christian and the mutiny on HMS Bounty, an account of Captain Bligh's epic 3,600 mile voyage in an open launch, maps and a wealth of other material for the student of the Islands.

RMS Remuera (1911 ~ 1940)

A website dedicated to the first ship named Remuera owned by the New Zealand Shipping Co.  After nearly thirty years' service, she was tragically bombed in 1940.

The Ships List

Another excellent site for those researching the ships of long ago and not so long ago, with lists of Ships - Fleets and Descriptions, Passenger Lists, Resources &c. &c..

Ships Old and New

A website compiled by George Carr, former passenger on the Rangitiki and Rangitoto, still with a love of the sea and ships old and new.

The Virtual Ocean Liner Museum

A new site representing the only online museum in the world dedicated to telling the inspiring story of the ocean liners and ocean travel.

New Zealand Bound


A site chock-a-block full of Passenger Lists and other related material relating to ships and voyages to and from New Zealand.  A MUST GO TO site for all those researching New Zealand connected family histories, ships voyages and the like.

Convoy Web

This website is devoted to identifying all ships that sailed in WW2 South Atlantic Convoys and others including the Russian convoys and those to Sierra Leone.  A great site for discovering where "your" ship served on convoy duty in those tumultuous years.  Rangitiki gets several mentions.

The Kemble Kollection

Wow!! This website touches on so many topics that one will require a good afternoon's surfing just to determine what's what.  Dedicated to the serious researcher.  A link to the Merchant Navy will be found on the home page, and by navigating to that section and clicking on the Memories link, one will find Capt. Mike Smith's memories with a couple of familiar images.

Radiold A virtual antique communications museum.  Worth the visit to just about everybody.
Richard Lowery O.C. An exciting tribute to British born, Canadian shipbuilder and man of many talents.  Interesting illustrations, wonderful stories.  Hunt around in his Autobiography for a reference to his journey home from Australia in 1946 ~ it gives a whole different perspective on the life aboard the Rangitiki.
John H. Marsh Maritime Research Centre
For a change of speed and a view of another interesting maritime website, visit the research center at the Iziko South African Maritime Museum, Cape Town, South Africa.
Philatelie Marine This is a delightful site in French and English that is devoted to ships and shipping as presented by the postage stamps of many countries.  Navigate around a little and you will find a stamp showing the Rangitata in her wartime grey.